Keynote Speaker

Devin Hughes is a Senior Consultant and sought after keynote speaker, happiness trainer and coach with International Thought Leader Network. He has been consulting, training, and writing about personal development, organizational change and the science of happiness for the last decade.

An avid storyteller and successful author Devin has the unique ability to connect with any audience – inspiring them to own the change they wish to see.

He draws on a broad range variety of disciplines and experiences to inspire “Big Thoughts” and facilitate conversations for positive change. Devin is a master at providing simple frameworks for helping organizations, groups and teams develop real world practical solutions.

Devin has won awards in multiple industries for his strategic brand-building approach to customer experience, strategy planning, and aligning sales, marketing, and communications strategies for maximum business results.

His unique background and success story also sets him apart from most professional speakers and guest lecturers. Because he speaks from experience and from the heart, people come away from his presentations not only equipped with practical, tactics and strategies – but more importantly with the belief that they too can make a meaningful difference by acting on their inspiration.

Devin is a frequent speaker for a wide variety of organizations, associations, and teams.