The Orange Frog Workshop

Following Devin Hughes’s keynote address, himself and the Orange Frog team will host a discussion for Convention attendees covering their training that brings THE HAPPINESS ADVANTAGE to life!

To support South Dakota educational leaders in their ability to improve school culture and provide a stronger foundation for SEL initiatives in the classroom, ASBSD has partnered with International Thought Leader Network to provide a virtual one-day preview of The Happiness Advantage I Orange Frog Workshop at the 2020 ASBSD-SASD Virtual Convention.

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Increasingly, the nation’s most forward-looking schools are engaged in creating positive cultures to enhance education. A positive, engaged brain improves performance, pride, and culture, helps retain our best teachers, and deepens student, family, and community relationships.

Additionally, our mindset matters in these times of uncertainty. Activating ways to increase our levels of optimism and adaptability, while reducing stress and anxiety, can help us best uncover new possibilities and generate positive outcomes in this current climate.

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Download The Seven Principles of Happiness from the Orange Frog Workshop here

The Happiness Advantage I Orange Frog Workshop created by positive psychology expert and New York Times best-selling author Shawn Achor and his partners at International Thought Leader Network.

This experiential workshop brings to life the science-based principles from The Happiness Advantage-see below. Using a parable and metaphors, classroom-style experiences, and group activities, participants learn ways to find and sustain their own happiness. They also learn to positively influence others in their schools and communities.

The Orange Frog workshop is a full day workshop. It is highly interactive with many team-based breakout sessions. Unfortunately, this workshop is not suited for logging in and out. The workshop will be limited to the first 100 people registered.  At 10:40 a.m. the virtual classroom will be closed locked.

Watch How to Spark Happiness and Increase Positivity in Education here 

The Happiness Advantage I Orange Frog Workshop provides a springboard for people at the individual, team and organization levels showing them clearly how to infuse positive practices into their personal habits, school routines and the district’s culture.

Thousands of people across cultural, industry, and economic divides have applied these principles to raise their levels of optimism and create happiness in their lives, beginning with the belief that positive change is possible. It is proven that increases in happiness provide real-world advantages — personally, professionally, and academically, such as:

  • Increased resilience;
  • Skills for growing through adversity;
  • Better health, including reduced levels of stress and anxiety;
  • Deeper engagement and improved performance.

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ASBSD and the International Thought Leader Network invite you to begin an exciting journey leading to more positive school environments and better educational outcomes.

The Orange Frog Workshop™:

  • Leading Positive Results is a classroom-based experiential workshop that teaches the science of sustainable peak performance.
  • Workshop participants first learn to embrace the benefits of positive performance; they then share them naturally with co-workers leading to a positive “rippling” effect inside the organization.

Learn a Sustainable Approach to Enhancing Productivity by:

  • Discovering why Happiness is a Choice
  • Understanding why positive outliers are critical for success in the new economy
  • Stopping the predictable practices that drive positive outliers underground
  • Learning why organizations apply the success formula backwards and disengage their employees
  • Learning 5 research-proven tactics for increasing happiness
  • Learning why increases in happiness create increases in every business and educational outcome
  • Practicing the use of the “Social Investment Solution”
  • Learning to apply “20 Second Rule” and “Zorro Circles” to initiate transformation and increase likelihood of success
  • Identifying new routines which embed happiness into the work environment
  • Discovering why Social Scripts are the hidden secret to happiness and success
  • Learning to re-write the prevailing social script for a more positive environment for your team
  • Determining how happiness can be leveraged to drive your organization’s strategic agenda
  • Creating an action plan for personal growth
  • Creating a plan with/for your team to embed principles of positive engagement into existing work routines

The research is clear:

  • Positive environments are performance enhancers. They are characterized by higher productivity, less turnover, more resilient cultures and healthier employees.

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